Residential Gas Alarms

Developed the world’s first residential gas alarm

In 1969, New Cosmos Electric developed the world's first residential gas alarm when LP gas accidents were rapidly increasing due to the popularization of LP gas usage in homes in Japan. Now more than 50% of Japanese households are equipped with gas alarms for their security. We have sold more than 60 million units and have around a 50% share of that market.

Ongoing development and improvement

We have developed various products such as three-in-one alarms to detect gas leakage, incomplete combustion and fire, as well as battery-operated gas alarms. We engage in ongoing development and improvement to meet the evolving needs of the times with advances in such areas as voice synthesis alarms, power saving and design enhancements.

Commercial-use LP gas alarm and CO alarms

Besides the home-use, we have provided commercial-use LP gas alarm which has separated water-proof sensor unit to install in the commercial kitchens. Also, to prevent workers from carbon monoxide poisoning, commercial-use CO alarms are recommended to be installed in the kitchen at restaurants.

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