Residential Gas Alarms

Developed the World’s First Residential Gas Alarm

In 1964, New Cosmos Electric developed the world's first residential gas alarm when LP gas accidents were rapidly increasing due to the popularization of LP gas usage at homes in Japan. Now more than 60% of Japanese households are equipped with gas alarms for their security. We have sold more than 70 million units and have around a 50% share of that market. Recently the number of fatalities due to residential gas explosions has been reduced to almost zero in Japan.
*As of 2021

Solutions to Gas Explosion Accidents Worldwide

In 2014, a gas explosion destroyed two five-story buildings in New York City resulting in multiple deaths, fifty injuries and one hundred families and businesses were displaced.
As a result, Con Edison, a New York utility company, began installing New Cosmos DeNova Detect Natural Gas alarms in 2019. Con Edison has since had over 500 gas leak warnings which prevented possible tragic outcomes. The installation of Natural Gas Alarms is a solution to protect lives and property from gas explosion accidents around the world.

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Ongoing development and improvement

In addition to detecting gas leaks, gas alarms have evolved to include functions to detect carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion, heat and smoke from fires, and to warn of heat stroke and dry air.
In recent years, gas alarms have rapidly become IoT enabled, and by connecting to the Internet, gas alarms with various functions that are useful in daily life, such as smartphone integration, family monitoring, and crime prevention, are now available.
We have also developed a battery-powered type equipped with a power-saving MEMS sensor.

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