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Gas Detectors and Alarm Units are safety devices that must operate reliably and correctly in the unlikely event of an emergency. That is why New Cosmos Electric takes into account all the processes from development and manufacture through the application by the customer and follows a number of approaches in order to deliver products with dependable quality. In 1996, New Cosmos Electric becomes the first company in Japan to acquire ISO9001 certification in the field of Industrial and Residential Gas Detector and Alarm Systems. In addition, we maintain quality and achieve stable product supply with long-term characteristics testing and the automatic adjustment ad inspection line using computer control that we developed ourselves.
Furthermore, the introduction of our Traceability System enables us to respond to customers even more quickly. We will continue to take steps such as these to strengthen our business activities focused on quality.

Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification
In January 1996, New Cosmos Electric acquired certification under the international ISO9001 standard. Application to the following business locations was completed in December 2003. In January 2018, we completed the transition to ISO9001:2015.
ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate

Application Scope 1. Design, development and manufacture of residential gas alarms 2. Design, development, manufacture and servicing (maintenance) of portable gas detectors 3. Design, development, manufacture and servicing (maintenance) of gas detection and alarm systems 4. Design, development and manufacture of residential fire alarms

Business Units Covered within the Scope
Head Office, Cosmos Sensor Center, Mukogawa Factory, Tokyo Factory, Ehime Factory, Shima Factory, East Japan Regional Office, Chubu Regional Office, Sapporo Sales Office, Sendai Sales Office, Niigata Sales Office, Shizuoka Sales Office, Hokuriku Sales Office, Okayama Sales Office, Hiroshima Sales Office, Kyushu Sales Office, North Kanto Office, Chiba Office, Kanagawa Office, Himeji Office, Keiji Office, Maintenance Department (Tokyo maintenance center, Machida maintenance center)

Applicable Standards
ISO 9001: 2015 /
JIS Q 9001: 2015 shall apply.

Fundamental Policy
At New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd., we consider it our corporate mission to use our sensor technologies to contribute to creating a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. We will develop, manufacture, sell, and service products that are intended to protect people's lives and property from gas and fire hazards, and products that are intended to help people maintain a comfortable living environment.
Quality Policy
At New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd., we are devoted to "Quality First" and we deliver quality products that meet customers' expectations and need for reliability and satisfaction.

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