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Caring for the global environment requires not only that products are friendly to the environment when they are used, but also that they do not place a load on the environment from product development and manufacture all the way through to transportation and finally disposal. From 1998, we at New Cosmos Electric put together an environmental management project team with the development and spread of ecological products, reducing waste mater, and promoting energy and resource conservation as its priority issues and in 2000 we acquired ISO14001 certification. We will continue to move forward with product manufacturing that cares for the environment.

Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification
In March 2000, New Cosmos Electric acquired certification under the international ISO14001 standard. In February 2017, we completed the transition to ISO14001:2015.
ISO14001 Certificate
ISO14001 Certificate

Application Scope 1. Design, development and manufacture of residential gas alarms 2. Design, development, manufacture and servicing (maintenance) of portable gas detectors 3. Design, development, manufacture and servicing (maintenance) of gas detection and alarm systems 4. Design, development and manufacture of residential fire alarms

Business Units Covered within the Scope
Head Office, Cosmos Sensor Center

Applicable Standards
ISO14001:2015 and
JIS Q 14001:2015

Basic Principles
New Cosmos's mission is to help create safe, secure, and comfortable environment with our sensor technology. To achieve this mission, all employees promote saving resources, reducing energy usage, and recycling materials through their daily activities. Through technology, products, and services that are harmonious with the global environment, New Cosmos seeks to develop our business and create comfortable environments.
Fundamental Policy
Based on our basic principles and in order to conduct business activities that care for the environment at our headquarters site, New Cosmos Electric sets environmental objectives and goals, establishes environmental management systems, carries out independent audits, and takes other measures to work for continued improvements based on the basic policies described below. These environmental policies are also publicized outside the company.
  • 1. New Cosmos Electric works hard for the development and spread of products that care for the environment and safety.
  • 2. New Cosmos Electric promotes green procurement.
  • 3. New Cosmos Electric strives to promote energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions in business activities and at home.
  • 4. New Cosmos Electric works to promote resource conservation and recycling and to reduce waste matter.
  • 5. New Cosmos Electric complies with all environment-related laws and other environment-related requirements that we have agreed to and works to prevent environmental pollution.
  • 6. In order to run our environmental management systems smoothly, we disseminate our environmental policies among all our employees and work to raise their awareness of environmental protection through education.

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