Portable Gas Detectors

Combustible Gas Detector XP-3360II-W / XP-3360II / XP-3310II / XP-3340II


For daily check and safety in plants, tank, manhole and tunnel construction.


  • Convert to 32 types gas’s concentration
  • Robust design
  • Wide range models
  • Up to five combustible gases can be set as target gas (option)
  • Selectable power supply: alkaline AA batteries / rechargeable nickel metal hydride AA batteries
  • Timer and stopwatch function


Sampling Method Extractive
Alarm Method Gas Alarm Beeping with flashing red light and AL icon on the LCD
Device Error Beeping with flashing yellow light and error message on the LCD
Power Source ・Non-rechargeable alkaline AA battery x4: Toshiba LR6, Panasonic LR6X, Duracell MN1500, Energizer E91 or Varta 4106
・Rechargeable nickel metal hydride AA battery x4: New Cosmos HR-3UTG
Operating Temperature/Humidity -20 to +50℃ 95%RH. No condensation
Compliance*1 ATEX: Ex II 1G Ex ia da IIC T4 Ga*1
IECEx: Ex ia da IIC T4 Ga*1
CE (ATEX, RoHS and RE directives)
Ingress Protection IP67
Main Features Self-diagnosis (sensor error), Zero adjustment, Battery level indication, Flashlight, Peak-hold, LCD backlight, Audio alarm muting during gas alarm, Time indication, Alarm test, Alarm volume change, Audio muting
Dimensions W91 x H164 x D44mm
Mass Approx. 460g (including batteries)
Accessaries Gas sampling tube(1m), Shoulder strap,  Drain filter, Filter element, Alkaline AA batteries(or Rechargeable nickel metal hydride AA batteries) x 4, Screen protector film x 3


Combustible Gas Detector


Model XP-3360II-W XP-3360II XP-3310II XP-3340II
Target Gas Combustible gas/Solvent vapor Combustible gas/Inert gas
Detection Principle Catalytic Thermal conductivity
Measure Range
(Reference Indication)
0.0–100.0%LEL (100.1–110.0%LEL)
Enable to display in ppm.
0–5000ppm or
(5001–5500ppm or 10001–11000ppm)
Accuracy*2 ≤ 1000ppm : ±100ppm
1001ppm < n ≤10000ppm :
Other than above : ±5%F.S.
≤10%F.S.: ±2.5%F.S.
>10%F.S.: ±5%F.S.
±5%F.S.. ±5%F.S..
Resolution 0.1%LEL or 1ppm 1ppm 0.1%LEL 0.1vol%
Alarm Set Value 20%LEL 250ppm or 500ppm 20%LEL 50vol%
Response Time T90: 30 seconds T90: 60 seconds
Continuous Operation Time*3 Approx. 15 hours Approx. 100 hours

*1 When using alkaline AA batteries. Please contact us for full information.

*2 Under an identical measurement condition.

*3 At 25℃, with no alarm and backlight off. The time varies according to the circumstances, condition of use, storage period, battery manufacturer, etc.


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