Portable Gas Detectors

Multi-Gas Detector XP-302M


  • Daily inspections in various plants, safety of site workers.
  • For safety check before working in underground construction site in the tank, manhole and tunnel etc. and safety of site workers.


  • Compact and Lightweight.
  • Large, blight display with automated backlight.
  • Monitors LEL, O2, CO and H2S


Model XP-302M
Gas Detected Combustible


or LPG)

Oxygen Hydrogen




Detection Principle Catalytic


Galvanic Cell Electrochemical Cell


Sampling Method Extractive
Measuring Range
(Service range)
0 to 100 %LEL

(101 to 110 %LEL)

0 to 25.0 vol%
(25.1 to 50.0vol%)*1
0 to 30.0 ppm
(30.1 to 150.0ppm)
0 to 150 ppm
(151 to 300ppm)
Indication Accuracy
< ±5%LEL < ±0.5vol% < ±1.5ppm < ±10ppm to


< ±15ppm to


Alam Set
1st stage 10%LEL 19.5vol% 10.0ppm 50ppm
2nd stage 30%LEL 18.0vol% 15.0ppm 100ppm
with a 1m sampling hose < 25 sec. < 20 sec. < 30 sec. < 30 sec.
with an 8m sampling hose < 40 sec.
Operating Temperature & Humidity -10 to +40 °C, 95%RH (non condensing)
Power Source 4 x AA alkaline dry cells
Display A large LCD with backlight provides simultaneous and continuous readout of all gases being monitored.
3 user-selectable display modes (standard display / graphic display/English display).
Alarms 90+ dB buzzer, flashing LCD and warning lamp
Battery Life*3 8+ hours on 4 x AA alkaline cells (20°C, no alarm, no backlight and

datalogging OFF)

Safety Design Intrinsically safe design Exibd II BT3
Function ・Automatic backlight (in dim light or alarm condition) ・Zero adjustment

・Peak hold ・Buzzer control・Low flow alarm ・Datalogging function

(up to 150 hours) ・Buzzer stop・Alarm test ・Display of remaining battery

level, current time and temperature

Dimensions W152 x H152 x D42 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 870g
XP-302M-□-1 1m sampling hose (Probe with filter/moisture trap, Spare filters) Soft case
XP-302M-□-2 8m sampling hose (with float), Soft case and carrying case
XP-302M-□-3 Aluminum case*4, 8m sampling hose (with float), An external alarm

(with 8m cable) and AC adaptor

XP-302M-□-4 Aluminum case*4, 8m sampling hose with hose reel (with float),

An external alarm with a cable reel (with 8m cable) and AC adaptor

Optional Accessoiries*5 ・Log data download software (for Windows 2000 or XP)
・20m sampling hose for float
・30m sampling hose for float

*1 Under identical conditions

*2 T90

*3 It depends on the environmental conditions, service conditions, storage period, and battery manufacturers

*4 Non explosion-proof type

*5 Please contact our dealers / distributors for available accessories


Selectable Gases

oxygen【O2】, carbon monoxide【CO】, hydrogen sulfide【H2S】, methane【CH4】 or isobutane【i-C4H10】

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