Portable Gas Detectors

Combustible Gas Detector XP-3160



  • For checking the gas level and gas replacement.
  • For removal of astringency of agricultural use (CO2 concentration management).


  • High sensitivity detector with 0-500 ppm measuring range (standard).
  • Best suited for measuring combustible gases in the ppm range.
  • New digital display with a simulated analog scale.
  • Up to 5 correlation data can be installed (option).


Model XP-3160
Gas Detected Combustible gases and vapors
(specify gas detected)
Detection Principle Catalytic combustion
Sampling Method Extractive
Detection Range 0 to 500 / 5,000 ppm or 0 to 1,000 / 10,000 ppm
Indication Accuracy
(Under identical
H range: ±5%
L range: ±10%
Alarm Set Value 250ppm or 500ppm
Display LCD digital (with backlight)
Digital display: 0 to 5,000ppm or 0 to 10,000ppm
Digital bar display: Auto range changeover
0 to 500ppm or 0 to 1,000ppm (L range)
0 to 5,000ppm or 0 to 10,000ppm (H range)
Alarm Indication Gas alarm: Intermittent buzzer, Red lamp flashing
Error alarm: Buzzer, Red lamp flashing, LCD display
Exibd IIC T3 (TIIS)
Ex II2G Exdib IIB T4 Gb (ATEX)
Exdib IIB T4 Gb (IECEx)
Class I, Zone 1, AEx d ib IIB T4 Hazardous Locations. (UL)
0 to +40 °C
Power Source 4 x AA alkaline dry battery
Battery Life*1 Up to 20 hours
Dimensions W82 x H162 x D36 mm
Weight Approx. 450g (16oz.) (excluding batteries)
Soft case, 4 x AA alkaline dry battery, Gas sampling hose (1meter),
Probe with filter/moisture trap
2-30 meter gas sampling hose, Gas dilution probe,
Data download software (CD-ROM software and USB cable)

*1 Battery life time is subject to environmental and storage conditions.


ATEX_logo  ULÏ°¸.ai  CE_logo  プリント


Type Approved by TIIS Explosion-proof certification

Type Approved by Class NK No. 06T605 (Designation required)

Selectable Gases

ethyl acrylate【CH2=CHCOOC2H5】, methyl acrylate【CH2=CHCOOCH3】, acrylonitrile【CH2=CHCN】, acethylene【C2H2】, acetonitrile【CH3CN】, acetone【(CH3)2CO】, ammonia【NH3】, isobutane【i-C4H10】, isopropyl alcohol【(CH3)2CHOH】, carbon monoxide【CO】, ethanol【C2H5OH】, ethane【C2H6】, ethylene【C2H4】, LPG, vinyl chloride【CH2=CHCI】, gasoline, acetic acid【CH3COOH】, ethyl acetate【CH3COOC2H5】, butyl acetate【CH3COO(CH3)2CH3】, oxidized ethylene【CH2CH2O】, propylene oxide【C3H6O】, cyclohexane【C6H12】, cyclopentane【C5H10】, dimethyl ether【C2H6O】, hydrogen【H2】, styrene【C6H5CH=CH2】, tetrahydrofuran【CH2CH2CH2CH2O】, city gas,toluene【C6H5CH3】, butadiene【CH2=CHCH=CH2】, propane【C3H8】, propylene【C3H6】, n-hexanoic【CH3(CH2)4CH3】, n-heptane【CH3(CH2)5CH3】, benzene【C6H6】, n-pentane【CH3(CH2)3CH3】, methanol【CH3OH】, methane【CH4】, methyl isobutyl ketone【(CH3)2CHCH2COCH3】, methyl ethyl ketone【CH3COC2H5】, R-22【CHClF2】, R-23【CHF3】, R-32【CH2F2】

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