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Construction of new factory

2023/1/19 Information

NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market listing: Securities code 6824; Address: 2-5-4 Mitsuyanaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka; Tel: 06-6308-2111; President: Yoshinori Takahashi; Capital: 1,460 million yen) will build a new factory in the head office area in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.

About new factory construction

In 2022, we started the medium-term management plan “Medium-term Management Plan 2022-2024” and are making strategic investments to strengthen our management foundation.

The construction of the new factory is part of this effort, and aims to respond to the increase in production of gas sensors accompanying the increase in orders for gas alarms and to respond to a business continuity plan (BCP). The building is divided into a factory area and an office section, and construction will start from the factory area. The factory has six floors and one basement floor, and produces various sensors. We are also planning to apply for the “Tsunami Evacuation Building” that Osaka City is promoting to secure.

The outline of the new factory is as follows:

The outline of the new factory

Planned construction site 3-6-25 Mitsuyanaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Total floor area 9702.27㎡ (6448.74㎡ for the factory area)
Construction period Early July 2023 to late August 2024
Construction company Daisue Construction Co., Ltd.
Construction cost 2,994 million yen (as the factory portion)


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