Gas Detection and Alarm Systems
Odor Sensors/Air Quality Monitors

Environment Monitor COD-203


Laboratories, clean rooms, indoor work space, etc.

For daily work place monitoring


  • High-sensitivity semiconductor sensor
  • Capable of detecting a wide-range of substances
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Low-cost environmental monitoring


Model COD-203A COD-203B
Detection Principle Hot-wire semiconductor
Detection Method Diffusion
Calibration Gas Ethanol Toluene
Full Scale Concentration 200ppm 100ppm 20ppm 5ppm
Recommended Installation Locations General work areas Clean rooms
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range 5 °C to 35 °C, 30%RH to 85%RH (with no condensation)
*Assuming constant temperature and humidity (no fluctuation)
External Output Analog 4-20 mA, trouble alarm: 0.1 mA or less
*Uninsulated, load resistance of 300Ω or less including wiring resistance
Explosion Proofing None
Power DC24V±6V
Power Consumption ∼2W
Dimensions W50 x H110 x D27 mm (excluding protruding parts)
Weight ∼0.2kg
Compatible Cables
[Connection Methods]
∼4-core shielded cable
[4P plug type connector AWG-16 (approx. 1.25 mm²) to AWG-28 (approx. 0.08 mm²)]
Mounting method Wall mount type (magnet or mounting bracket)

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