Portable Gas Detectors

Portable Semiconductor Gas Detector XPS-7II


For gas leak inspection and concentration measurement at semiconductor factory where there is toxic gas.


  • World’s Smallest Portable Gas Detector for NF3 Detection. NF3 can be detected without any optional equipment.
  • The calibrated gas sensor unit can be replaced on site, reducing maintenance work.
  • Large LCD
  • 2-way power supply : Dry batteries and AC power supply (optional)
  • Small and lightweight
  • The speed of alarm sound changes depending on gas concentration.


Detection Principle Electrochemical, Electrochemical + pyrolyzer
Target Gas Semiconductor gases
Sampling Method Extractive
Measuring Range As per delivery specifications
Accuracy *1 ±10%F.S. except for XDS-7NF
-30%F.S. to +10%F.S. for XDS-7NF
Response time *1 T60: Less than 60 seconds
Display Four-digit on LCD
Power Source Alkaline AA battery x 4pcs or Dedicated 100-240VAC/6VDC adapter (optional) *3
Continuous Operating Time*2 More than 12 hours except for XDS-7NF
More than 8 hours for XDS-7NF
(by alkaline AA batteries (Toshiba LR6AN) at 20℃, with no gas alarm)
Operating Temperature and Humidity 0 to +40ºC, 30 to 85%RH
Compliance CE (EMC: 2014/30/EU) *3 *4
Dimensions Approx. W62 × H150 × D128 mm (excluding protrusions)
Mass Approx. 1.3 kg

*1. Under identical conditions.
*2. The operating time (battery life) may vary depending on environment and conditions of use, storage period, battery manufacturer etc.
*3. AC power adapter does not comply with CE marking.
*4. There are two types of EC-7 sensor stocker, global and domestic (for use in Japan). Global type is CE-marked.



Selectable Gases

ammonia【NH3】,silane【SiH4】,dichlorosilane【SiH2Cl2】, arsine【AsH3】,phosphine【PH3】,diborane【B2H6】,hydrogen selenide【H2Se】,germane【GeH4】,chlorine【Cl2】,chlorine trifluoride【ClF3】,hydrogen chloride【HCI】,hydrofluoric fluoride【HF】,hydrogen bromide【HBr】,nitrogen monoxide【NO】,hydrogen sulfide【H2S】,carbon monoxide【CO】,disilane【Si2H6】,fluorine【F2】,ozone【O3】,nitrogen trifloride【NO3】

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