Gas Detection and Alarm Systems
Odor Sensors/Air Quality Monitors

Multi-point Type Odor Monitor V-819


  • Odor monitoring at site boundaries of various factories
  • Indoor environmental monitoring
  • Inside-equipment odor monitoring
  • Odor control ta exhaust ports of various factories
  • Performance control of deodorizing equipment and air cleaners


  • Our original metal oxide odor sensors detect target odors with high sensitivity
  • Achieved continuous monitoring, which was impossible with sensory evaluation or instrumental analysis
  • You can freely create a monitoring system according to the number of detector heads you need
  • Equipped with an external output terminal which allows continuous recording
  • Equipped with a 50-dot bar-graph meter which indicates the odor level in real time


Model V-819 (3-point type to 12-point type)
Gas Detected Various fragrance/odor component Mainly hydrogen sulfide odor
Detection Principle High sensitive tin
oxide hot wire sintered
semiconductor sensor
Supersensitive zinc oxide
substrate thin film
semiconductor sensor
Indicator LCD bar graph (0-10 scale, no unit, 50 dots) with backlight
Sampling Method Diffusion type (Non-explosion-proof)
Alarm Set Value Adjustable
Alarm Indication Indicator Unit Alarm Unit
Odor level alarm* Alarm lamp

(red) flashes
(Lights up

after Reset)

Lights up red and buzzer sounds
intermittently on alarm from at
least one indicator unit
(Buzzer stops after Reset)
Trouble alarm* Power lamp

(green) goes out

Lights up red and buzzer sounds
continuously on trouble with at
least one indicator unit
(Buzzer stops after Reset)
Contact Output Indicator unit (individual alarm): Alarm (1a) 1A@ 100V AC (resistance load)
Alarm unit (collective alarm):    Alarm (1c) 1A@ 100V AC (resistance load)
Trouble (1a), Buzzer (1a)
External Output 4-20 mA (Input resistance: 500W or lower)
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 40°C
Power Source 110 VAC ±10%, 200/220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 24 VDC ±10%
Power Consumption (25+5xn)VA (n is the number of the detection points)
Installation Wall mount (or Panel mount)
Applicable Cable CVVS of 1.25-2.00mm2, 3C (Cable resistance: one way resistance of 10W or lower)
Exterior Color Munsell N8.0 (Indicator/Alarm unit) Munsell N7.0 (Dtector head)
Options Rainproof cover (KW-14A)

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