Gas Detection and Alarm Systems
Odor Sensors/Air Quality Monitors

Abnormal Temperature Detection System ESM-100/NC-80/NC-100/NC-120 CAN-NETSU-KUN


  • Abnormal heat generation monitoring of electrical equipment and terminals in the electrical room and cubicle.
  • Abnormal heating centralized monitoring of dispersed panel.
  • Abnormal heat monitoring of electrical equipment and terminals in electrical room.


  • An odor detector immediately detects the odor caused by overheated insulating materials
  • An odor capsule senses overheating and emits odor, which is detected by the odor detector


Model ESM-100
Power Source 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3W
Alam System Alarm delay system (with 30s timer)
Alarm Indication Red LED lights up, Buzzer sounds
External Output No-voltage (1a) contact, Contact capacity: 1A@30 VDC
or 1A@240 VAC
Dimensions W96 x D96 x H41 mm
Weight Approx. 150g
Detectable Volume Approx. 13m3 (with one odor capsule, regardless of
whether there’s a ventilation fan or not)
Reccommended Replacement Period 5years


Model NC-80 (80 °C level) green, NC-100 (100 °C level) yellow,
NC-120 (120 °C level) red
Designed Action Temperature 80, 100, 120 °C
Dimensions/ ø15 x H7 mm
Weight Approx. 5g
Reccommended Replacement Period 5years
Setting Method Double side adhesive tape or exclusive holder
Feature of Odor Liquid Harmless to humans, no hazard of fire

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