Odor Sensors/Air Quality Monitors

Odor Level Indicator XP-329IIIR


  • Performance check of air purifier and deodorization equipment
  • Odor measurement of factory exhausts
  • Quality control of foods and spices


  • Switchable indication between “Odor strength level” and “Olfactory measured odor index”.
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Little cross interference to odorless gas
  • Peak hold function
  • Data memory function that enables data stored in the memory to be retrieved from a PC using dedicated software.
  • Manual zero base setting it not necessary.
  • A bar graph on the screen displays the sensor status. Maintenance timing can be checked.


Model XP-329 III R
Substance Measured Various odors, odor components
Detection Principle Indium oxide-based sensitivity hot wire semiconductor sensor
Sampling Method Extractive *Extractive flow: 400±150ml/min
Display LCD digital indication (64 x 128 dots matrix)
(measurement value, measurement mode, operating conditions, remaining battery level,
data memory, bar indication for sensor output and communication channel etc.)
Measurement Mode Monitoring mode/Batch mode
Detection Range Level indication: 0-2000 (In case of zero-based setting at the 2nd dot
from the left in the sensor output bar graph)
Repeatability Measurement value ±5% ±1 digit*1 level indication
Response Time 20s or less (90% response) by calibrated odor
External Output Analog output: Level indication: 0000-2000 corresponding to DC0-200
mV. (0.1 mV as contrasted wiyh indication 1)
(Except approx. 204.8 mV in case of OVER LEVEL)
Digital input/output: RS-232C output the indicated value (ASCII Code)
(Except in case of OVER LEVEL, output[****])
External Output Terminal DIN connector for both analog output and digital input/output
Operating Temperature


0 to 40 °C

10 to 80 %RH (non-condensing)

Dimensions W84 x H275 x D40 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 640g (including batteries)
Power Source 4 x AA alkaline dry cells or AC adaptor
Battery Life Up to 8 hours by alkaline cells, low battery alarm function
Standard Accessories Activated carbon filter, Drain filter, Sample draw attachment, Tube intake, AC adaptor,
Carrying case, Output connector, Communication pack (CD), 4 x AA
alkaline dry cells, Teflon tube (1m), 2 x Activated carbons, 2 x Filter
alements (10 pcs.), Instruction manual, Test report

*1 Under identical measuring conditions

Selectable Gases

Various odors, odor components

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