Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

Desktop Type Gas Detector PGD-120


For continuous monitoring of small scale equipment at university and research institutes etc.


  • Easy to monitor over 20 gases simply by changing a plug and play sensor.
  • Maintenance free
  • Portable and fkexible
  • NF3 monitoring is available. (model specify)


Model PGD-120
Detection Principle Electrochemical, Hot wire semiconductor,
Galvanic type
Sampling Method Extractive type
Detection Range As per specifications
Gas Concentration
4-digit digital LCD display (incl. unit)
Alam Set Point 2 stage alarm type (adjustable)
Alarm Display Alarm lamp, Buzzer (no buzzer selectable)
External Output Analog 4-20 mA
Alarm 1 1c voltage contact
Alarm 2 1c voltage contact
Trouble alarm 1c voltage contact
Contact Capacity 125 VAC, under 5 A
Power Supply 100 VAC to 220 VAC
Dimensions W164 x H210 x D220mm
Weight Approx. 5kg
Options Battery, Pyrolyzer for NF3

List of detectable gases

Gases Full Scale
SiH4 5/25ppm
PH3 1ppm
B2H6 500ppb
AsH3 250ppb
H2Se 250ppb
GeH4 1ppm
HF 10ppm
BCl3 25ppm (※1)
SiH2Cl2 25ppm
Si2H6 25ppm
F2 5ppm
Cl2 5ppm
HBr 10ppm
HCl 5/25ppm
CO 250ppm
ClF3 1ppm
NO2 10ppm
H2S 50ppm
O3 1ppm
BF3 10ppm (※2)
PF3 10ppm
NH3 100ppm
NF3 100ppm
H2 1000ppm
O2 25vol%

※1 加水分解でHClガスにて検知
※2 加水分解でHFガスにて検知

Connectable Alarm Units

UV-810(Multi-point)、V3 typeMNV-100M(One-point)

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