Portable Gas Detectors

Portable VOC Analyzer XG-100V


  • Measurement for VOC in indoor
  • VOC inspection of electrical appliances


  • High sensitivity

Low concentrations of the target gas can be analyzed and measured with high accuracy.

  • Field measurement

Easily transportable to use on site.

No need of carrier gas.

  • Simple operation

Simply inject the target gas into a gas inlet with a syringe or Auto Sampler Option.


Model XG-100V
Substance Measured Toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene and styrene
Measurement Range
(measuring toluene)
Minimum detection limit: 4mg/m3, 1ppb
Maximum detection limit: 3700mg/m3, 1000ppb
Repeatability Within ±5% (RSD) (Toluene 70ppb)
Carrier Gas Atmospheric air
Sample Injection Method Direct injection by syringe (sample volume: 10ml)
Operating Temperature 5 to 35 °C
Power Source 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions W240 x H190 x D380 mm
Weight Approx. 10kg
Standard Accessories Data analysis software (hardware requirement: Windows XP), calibration

gas, 3 x syringes for sample injection, AC power cable, RS232C cable,

USB-RS232C conversion cable, 8 x C alkaline dry cells.


Selectable Gases

toluene【C6H5CH3】, xylene【C6H4(CH3)2】, ethyl benzene【C6H5C2H5】, styrene【C6H5CH=CH2】

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