Portable Gas Detectors

Portable Semiconductor Gas Detector XPS-7


For gas leak inspection and concentration measurement at semiconductor factory where there is toxic gas.


  • A single XPS-7 can be used for a variety of semiconductor gases, simply by changing the sensor unit.
  • Cassette-type sensor units eliminate calibration.


Model XPS-7
Detection Principle Electrochemical cell
Gas Detected Semiconductor gases
Sampling Method Extractive
Detection Range Depends on the specifications
Resolution 1/100 of full scale
Indication Accuracy ±10% of full scale
Alarm Mode 2nd stage alarm type
Alarm Indication Intermittent buzzer, flashing lamp
Response Time 60s or less (60% response)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Power Source 4 x AA alkaline dry cells (*1) or an AC adaptor
Battery Life*2 Up to 12 hours (by alkaline dry cells at 20℃ without alarms)
Dimensions W62 x H150 x D128mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1.3kg
Standard Accessories Gas sampling hose with probe, shoulder strap, 4 x AA alkaline dry
cells, Spare filters
Optional Accessories AC adaptor (100 VAC/6 VDC), sensor stocker, log data collection kit

*1 Under identical measuring conditions.

*2 Battery life may vary with ambient conditions, conditions of use, storage period, battery manufactures, etc.



Selectable Gases

arsine【AsH3】, ammonia【NH3】, carbon monoxide【CO】, nitric oxide【NO】, hydrogen chloride【HCI】, chlorine【Cl2】, ozone【O3】, chlorine trifluoride【ClF3】, dichlorosilane【SiH2Cl2】, disilane【Si2H6】, diborane【B2H6】, hydrogen bromide【HBr】, hydrogen selenide【H2Se】, sulfur dioxide【SO2】, nitrogen dioxide【NO2】, semiconductor manufacturing gases, hydrofluoric acid【HF】, fluorine【F2】, phosphine【PH3】, germane【GeH4】, silane【SiH4】, hydrogen sulfide【H2S】

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