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A portable gas detector ”XP-3000II series” will be started selling.

2021/7/1 New Product

NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (JASDAQ listing: Securities code 6824; Address: 2-5-4 Mitsuyanaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka; Tel: 06-6308-2111; President: Yoshinori Takahashi; Capital: 1,460 million yen) Has developed a portable gas detector ”XP-3000II series” and will start selling it from July 1, 2021.

Development history

XP-3000II(2ガス)Extractive portable gas detectors are used in a wide range of industries for various purposes such as checking gas leaks and measuring concentrations. In 1983, we released the extractive portable gas detector ”XP-3000 series”. It has been used by many customers as a standard for portable gas detectors that can be used in various applications, 
including explosion risk prevention, high-sensitivity measurement and high-concentration measurement. After that, it was renewed in 2005 and has sold a total of 100,000 units so far.
On the other hand, there are calls for higher functionality and robustness, and new demands that suit the current times, and we have renewed the series significantly.
The newly developed “XP-3000Ⅱ Series” has a lineup of models that support a various applications, just like the previous series. A new “wide range model” that can detect flammable gas from low concentration to explosion risk concentration with one unit has appeared. Furthermore,  it can be automatically convert to 32 types of gas’s concentration * 1. In addition, the impact resistance against dropping is greatly improved compared to the conventional model.
* 1 Only for XP-3310II, XP-3318II, XP-3360II-W, XP-3368II-W only.


  • Convert to 32 types gas’s concentration

*Only for XP-3310II, XP-3318II, XP-3360II-W and XP-3368II-W units, in which GAS1 (target gas) is set to methane, isobutane or propane.
*Converted gas concentration is only an estimate and no guarantee is provided.

<Convertible Gas List>
Acetone, Acetylene, Benzene, n-Butane, i-Butane, Cyclohexane, Cyclopentane, DME, Ethane, Ethanol, Ethylacetate, Ethylbenzene, Ethylene, Gasoline, Heptane, Hexane, Hydrogen, IPA, MEK, Methane, Methanol, Methylcyclohexane, MIBK, Pentane, Propane, Propylacetate, Propylene, THF, Toluene, o-Xylene, m-Xylene, p-Xylene

  • Robust designxp3000II photo1

・Passed 7m drop test
・Waterproof and dustproof, IP67


  • Wide range models

Enable to measure in ”%LEL” and ”ppm”
*Only for XP-3360II-W and XP-3368II-W

  • Up to five combustible gases can be set as target gas (option)
  • Selectable power supply: alkaline AA batteries / rechargeable nickel metal hydride AA batteries
  • Timer and stopwatch function

Target market

Various factories such as petrochemical factories and semiconductor factories, civil engineering construction industry, electrician business, city gas / LP gas industry, telecommunications industry, agriculture / livestock industry, etc.


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