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We will participate in SEMICON Korea 2017

2017/1/27 Exhibition

NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC KOREA will participate in SEMICON Korea 2017.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Period 2017/02/08-10
Place Seoul COEX A, B, C, D Hall
Organizer SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)
Website http://www.semiconkorea.org/ko/
Booth No. A Hall/No. 2575
Products Multi-Gas Detector XA-4400II series
Personal CO/O2/H2S Detector XX-2200 series
Digital Oxygen Indicator XO-326IIS
Gas Leak Detector XP-703DIII
COSMOS Gas Detector PS-7
Desktop Type Gas Detector PGD-120
AsH3 Chemi-luminescence Detectors CLC-870
Odor Level Indicator XP-329IIIR
Semiconductor Gas Detector XPS-7
Portable VOC Analyzer XG-100V
Gas Detector with Display KD-12 series
Oxygen Indicator & Alarm KS-7O
Real-time VOC monitor XP-3120-V
and more
Highlight We will exhibit real-time environment monitors and devices which can identify each chemical material for a clean room in addition to semiconductor gas detectors.
Also, a real-time monitor for VOC which has been a problem lately will be exhibited. Please come visit us and learn our various products and solutions.
TEL: +82-31-703-3102
MAIL: info@new-cosmos.co.kr

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